LeMarchant-St. Thomas Elementary

Staff Directory

Communication between home and school is extremely important.
Calls and emails sent to staff members will be returned within two business days.



Name Role / Department Phone Email Online
Cavanaugh, Moira Principal mcavanaugh@hrce.ca
Rose, Gabe Vice Principal grose@hrce.ca
Clothier, Christine 20% Administrative Assistant christine.clothier@hrce.ca
Kearney, Jody 100% Administrative Assistant jody.kearney@hrce.ca

Teaching Staff

Name Role / Department Phone Email Online
Barkhouse (On maternity leave), Samantha Grade 3/4 E - Room 216 Samantha.Barkhouse@hrce.ca Website
Beaton, Adele Grade 4 FI - Room 316 abeaton@hrce.ca
Bohaychuk, Kevin Grade 5/6 FI Room 308 kevin.bohaychuk@hrce.ca
Borden, Satie School Social Worker 902-223-7826 sborden@hrce.ca
Burt, Mary (M.T.) Primary/1 E- Room 114 mburt@hrce.ca
Chiasson, Margo Grade 6 FI - Room 302 mchiasson@hrce.ca
Crawley, Rachel 2/3 English (replacing K.Michelin maternity leave) Room 220 rachel.crawley@hrce.ca
Cunningham, Damon Grade 5/6 E - Room 301 damon.cunningham@hrce.ca
Cusack, Hannah School Counselor hannah.cusack@hrce.ca
DePalma, Laura Grade Primary FI - Room 124 LDePalma@hrce.ca
Duguay-Myatt, Julie Grade 5 FI - Room 314 jDuguay-Myatt@hrce.ca
Englehutt, Sarah Grade 2 FI - Room 218 SEnglehutt@hrce.ca
Flett, Amy Grade 4/5 E Room 323 amy.flett@hrce.ca
Foster, Mark (replacing S. Barkhouse) Grade 3/4 E - Room 216 mfoster@hrce.ca
Gallivan, Kim Grade 3 FI - Room 326 kgallivan@hrce.ca
Hagerman, Janine Grade 6 Fi - Room 306 jhagerman@hrce.ca
Hasiuk, Maria School Psychologist
Hollebone, Kim 50% Learning Support Teacher Room 104 khollebone@hrce.ca
Jordan, Kelly Grade 2 FI - Room 204 kjordan@hrce.ca
Lacroix, Suzanne Grade Primary FI - Room 125 slacroix@hrce.ca
LeBlanc, Yvette Physical Education yleblanc@hrce.ca
LeDuc, Laura Grade 3 FI - Room 322 lleduc@hrce.ca
Lugar, Peggy Resource (English) Room 214 plugar@hrce.ca
MacLean, Julie Grade 1 FI - Room 226 julie.maclean@hrce.ca
Manderville, Ann Grade 2/3 FI - Room 222 ann.manderville@hrce.ca
Michelin, Kelly Grade 2/3 E - Room 220 (On maternity leave) kmichelin@hrce.ca
Miller, Jeffrey Music P-6 jeffrey.miller@hrce.ca
Morgan, Jenna Grade 1 FI - Room 225 jenna.morgan@hrce.ca
Mouland, Amber Grade 3/4 French Room 325 amber.mouland@hrce.ca
Mullen, Christina English as an Additional Language cmullen@hrce.ca
Neatt, Heather Resource (French) Room 104 hneatt@hrce.ca
Pellerin, Adele ALP teacher - room 214 apellerin@hrce.ca
Raftus, Michaela Gr. 1/2 French Immersion (maternity leave for Katelyn Smith michaela.raffus@gnspes.ca
Roberts, Wendy Librarian wcomeau@hrce.ca
Rogers, Taylor Gr. P/1 FI Room 126 trogers@hrce.ca
Smith , Katelyn Grade 1/2 FI - Room 202 (on maternity leave) katelyn.smith@hrce.ca
Smith, Kyle Physical Education kyle.smith@hrce.ca
Supple, Deborah School Counselor dsupple@hrce.ca
Trach, Connor Grade 4/5 FI Room 318 CTrach@hrce.ca
Traill, Robin Music P-6 RTraill@hrce.ca
Woodley , Kerry Learning Centre Room 214 kwoodley@hrce.ca
Zelios, Joanne Grade Primary FI - Room 116 ZeliosJ@hrce.ca

Support Staff

Name Role / Department Phone Email Online
Connors, Kim EPA
Jones, Gina EPA Regina.Jones@hrce.ca
MacNeil, Alison EPA Alison.MacNeil@hrce.ca
Madhurima, Asthana Excel Lemarxl@hrce.ca
McNutt, Brenda Schools Plus Community Outreach Worker bmcnutt@hrce.ca
Steves, Sharon Schools Plus Assistant Leader 902-219-3668 ssteeves@hrce.ca
Syms, Nicole EPA nsyms@hrce.ca
Wentzell, Brett Caretaker - Room 121 bwentzell@hrce.ca


Name Role / Department Phone Email Online
Fudge, Chad Grade 6 Band cfudge@hrce.ca


Name Role / Department Phone Email Online
Stryniak, Sophie Cello/Violin Teacher SStryniak@hrce.ca