LeMarchant-St. Thomas Elementary

About SAC

About our School Advisory Council (SAC)

A School Advisory Council (SAC) is a volunteer organization established by the Nova Scotia Education Act (http://nslegislature.ca/legc/statutes/education.pdf). As a legislated body they receive their authority under the Act. The specific roles and responsibilities of an SAC are set out in sections 20 through 23 of the Education Act.

2018-2019 SAC members:

Michael Zhang, Daniel Makhan, Steven Beyea, Graeme Gunn, Nancy Beck and Claire McParland along with LMST staff principal Moira Cavanaugh, vp Lynne Mackinnon and teachers Adele Beaton, Karine Babineau and Emily Thompson

At LMSTS we work collaboratively with the school administration to continuously improve our school and represent the best interests of parents and students. We do this by:

  1. Providing feedback on the School Success Planning process:
  2. Voicing our school’s needs, wants and concerns – examples from our current and recent years include:
  • Improved communication with parents;
  • Having input on the hiring of a new Principal; and
  • Providing input and feedback on our new school logo
  • Having input on the selection of  the contract for school photos
  • Providing support and feedback on our School Travel Planning process
  1. Helping the Principal with important decisions and policy changes – in the past we’ve had input on:

We usually meet once per month, Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday at 4:30pm (subject to change).  Our meetings are open and all are welcome, however, only those on the committee may vote.


Letter of Agreement and Bylaws

Our SAC is governed by a letter of agreement which is a signed document that sets out the member composition and responsibilities of the SAC, school board and Department of Education. Our letter of agreement is reviewed annually at our first meeting of the year.

SAC Letter of Agreement 2017-18

By-laws are written rules, definitions and procedures that guide the election of SAC members, the conduct of SAC meetings, and the operation of the SAC. The by-laws are reviewed annually at our first meeting of the year.

LMST SAC Bylaws Oct 2017