LeMarchant-St. Thomas Elementary

New School (School Steering Team)

In December 2013, the Province of Nova Scotia approved the construction of a new Primary to Grade 6 school on the south end of the Halifax Peninsula to replace LeMarchant-St. Thomas Elementary (LMST).

More information about the new school can be found on the HRSB website:  www.hrsb.ca/about-hrsb/operations-services/capital-projects/new-halifax-south-peninsula-p-6


The School Steering Team (SST) Explained

With information from the School Steering Team Terms of Reference:

What is the SST?

The School Steering Team (SST) is a group that is representative of the key stakeholders for the school community.

What is the role of the SST?

  • To work with the School Board, the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development and the Department of Transportation & Infrastructure Renewal throughout the design phases of the new school project to engage in discussion of the general floor plan layout of the building.
  • The SST acts as an information source for the communities they represent, in order to provide an overall connection with the process.
  • The SST is an advisory body and does not have approval authority.

The SST is a key advisory resource during the course of the project. It will be most active during the Conceptual and Design Development phases where prioritization of items is required.

During the Construction Documentation phase, the role of the SST diminishes because all design related decisions have been made. This phase is intended to be a simple documentation of those decisions for the purposes of communicating to construction contractors.

The SST will have a role in assisting with some of the finer details regarding evaluation of colour schemes created by the design team. During this phase, the role of the SST is minimal and is focused mostly on receiving status reports on construction progress. If matters arise in the implementation of the project that have the potential to change or challenge its overall goals and objectives, the SST will renew its role as an advisory body, as per the earlier phases.

The project’s design and construction management team (EECD, TIR & Board) will report back to the SST on a regular basis regarding the progress of the project’s implementation.

Who sits on the SST?

The new school SST includes a third-party facilitator as well as representatives from the Departments of Education and Early Childhood Development (EECD) and Transportation & Infrastructure Renewal (TIR), Halifax Regional School Board (HRSB) staff, LMST Staff, LMST School Advisory Council, Halifax Regional Municipality (HRM) staff and a member of the school board. The number and variety of participants may vary slightly depending on the phase of the project.