LeMarchant-St. Thomas Elementary


General Info about Lunchtime at LMST:

So where do I go for lunch?

At 11:55 all students are dismissed for lunch until 12:50 p.m. 

Grade 3-6 are outside from 11:55-12:20 and eat inside from 12:20-12:50

Grade Primary-2 eat inside from 11:55-12:20 and are outside from 12:20-12:50


Students eat in their classroom. Lunch monitors supervise to ensure lunchtime is safe for all students and are available to assist the kids as they get ready for lunch or to go outside. Weather permitting, all students finish their lunch break with free time outdoors.

Important info about nuts and allergies

LMST is a nut aware zone and students are not permitted to bring foods with nuts or peanuts. We have several students with life threatening allergies to nuts and/or peanuts and we thank you for your cooperation in this area!


Allergy Alert: LMST has a Nut Alert policy as there are some students who are highly allergic to certain substances. The HRSB Life Threatening Allergies Policy governs our school actions with regard to students who are allergic to certain, identified, physician confirmed allergens. Students with severe allergies will be required to fill out detailed information and permission sheets to be maintained in the office and to provide, if necessary, an epi-pen for emergency treatment. Students are not permitted to bring foods that contain nuts or peanuts to school.